Maximize Your Moment

Energy, empowerment, motivation, strategy: Laymon leads your students through the most powerful life principles they need to pursue their dreams and goals. And more – to achieve greatness! Laymon shares his own unique story – no holds barred – connects with their core and shows the students how his personal epiphanies can positively spin their world around and change their lives forever.

Students will learn to:

  • Remain resilient during challenging times
  • Increase their performance in-and-out of the classroom
  • Create stronger relationships with others
  • Sustain motivation or personal drive
  • Find acceptance in oneself and others
  • Overcome bullying
  • Take more responsibility for actions

“Be” Your Own Star

Rock stars, sports heroes, movie and TV super stars have permeated every part of our students’ pop culture and “wannabe” lifestyles. They idolize the superficial trappings of the glitz and the glamor. In this inspirational message, Laymon challenges students to stop living their lives trying to be like others and, instead, to let their own light shine. Students leave with a new purpose, a new determination to explore their own unique abilities, talents and skills and discover their own criteria of success.

Students will learn to:

  • Learn to appreciate life and those around them
  • Find sustainable motivation both daily and the long term
  • Learn how to better deal with social challenges and stressors
  • Develop into stronger all around students

Yes, You Can

(For Statewide Tests Assemblies or Programs ONLY)

Insuring that their students pass the statewide test is the inherent goal of every school’s administration, faculty, and staff. Having taken the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test first hand, Laymon understands the heavy stress and pressure these tests bring. In this critical message, Laymon helps students overcome the stress by creating and bringing the right attitude to the testing process. While acknowledging the importance of passing the test, he reminds them that they do, indeed, possess the tools to make it happen. This call to action program shows students how to overcome the hurdle of state testing so they can be more, do more, and have more joy in their personal lives.


“How did you become the top student leader on a campus of over 38,000 students?” “How did you get to manage a budget of over $10 million?” These are only two of the many questions his youth audiences ask of Laymon. And his answer, to all of them, is straight-forward and true – it wasn’t easy! In this jam-packed presentation, Laymon enthusiastically clears the path of principles that led him to the road, on the road and over the road to his leadership success. The candid and hard-learned lessons he encountered during his campaign and tenure as the Student Body President have served him well and he shows students how these principles can do the same for them!

Create My Game Plan

Over 1 million students drop out of school each year. In this hard-hitting program, Laymon teaches students how not to become a statistic but, rather, how to become more than a student. He shares key strategies to help students set themselves apart from the crowd. Students leave the session with a powerful action plan to be more, do more, and have more of what they want!

Ignite Your Dreams

Young? So What! It’s time for students to start living their dreams NOW. Based on his book, Ignite Your Dreams: How to Build and Accelerate Your Life as a Top Notch Student, Laymon takes students on the joyful journey from dream to reality. Students get in touch with their “inner winner” and, by the conclusion of the program, are eager to spread their positive attitude and energy, like wildfire.

Mistakes Leaves Clues

There is a lesson in everything, even our mistakes. In this highly interactive talk show style seminar, Laymon shows students that it’s all right to make mistakes. We all make them. But the best of us learn from their mistakes. Students discuss and learn the hidden lessons and principles found within common mistakes students make today!

Helping Students Create Their Game Plan (advisors only)

Laymon A. Hicks is one of America’s foremost authorities on student leadership. And he earned his credentials the best way he could, by leading. In this high energy, dynamic workshop, Laymon shares the wisdom learned from his role as the Student Body President at the Florida State University, where he managed a budget of $10.3 million. Designed specifically for the student advisor and teacher, Laymon offers key strategies to build a stronger connection and improve the working relationship with students in the classroom or organization setting. Advisors will learn tips to not only enhance their classrooms and organizations, but to better their lives as student advisors.